Manufacturer’s Description

My father was a bartender who worked for over 50 years in bars around Belfast.

Sometimes he would bring me in to work with him and so I grew up loving the sounds and smells of the bar, the craic, the laughter and the smell of the beer and whiskey. Especially the whiskey.

Now that I am making my own whiskey, I am naming it after my father. As a bartender he saw a lot of things and heard a lot of stories, but like all good bartenders, he was true to his code and told no tales. My father, John Mulgrew, “The Quiet Man”, or as they say in Ireland “An Fear Ciuin.”

Tasting Notes

Scent: Sweet and crisp floral fragrances with notes of vanilla and oak

Taste: Hint of honey, warm vanilla and spicy oak, with an exceptionally smooth finish

The Reverend’s Review

If the book of Chronicles was distilled it would make Quiet Man whisky.

I was excited to try this whisky as it was a newer whisky on the market and the idea of a simple quiet whisky. Many of the whiskies pride themselves as complex so this was an interesting and possibly niche whisky design.

Tasting Notes

Scent: Definite oak scent but very simple. Has an ever-so-slight scent of apricot with a touch of vanilla.

Taste: Sweetness like that from honey with a mix of spices and vanilla.

Finish: The finish is a bit harsh but it’s not very long. The taste may remind some of a corn based alcohol.


Quiet Man: 8 Year Old Irish Whiskey













  • Very smooth
  • Sweet on first taste
  • Aftertaste lingers just long enough


  • Harsh finish
  • Color makes it look thin

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