The Imperial Stout by Samuel Smith is a rich and creamy stout that is like a warm blanket by the fireplace. It’s ABV is not quite as strong as some imperial stouts but it makes up for it in rich malty smoothness and taste. From the brewer’s website there are a number of flavors to look for.

This distinctive type of beer was originally brewed to withstand the abuses of shipping in foul weather to Imperial Russia. It was a favourite of Russian nobility whose taste for the finest food and drink was world famous.

A rich flavourful brew; deep chocolate in colour with a roasted barley nose and flavour that is a complexity of malt, hops, alcohol and yeast. Fermented in ‘stone Yorkshire squares’.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, roasted malt, cane sugar, yeast, hops.
Best Served: 51 degree F, in a goblet, snifter, or tulip glass. However, I’ve enjoyed it in multiple other glass types without compromising the beer.
ABV: 7%

Beer Review

Samuel Smith was either prophetic or a miracle worker. Everything beer the brewery makes is delicious. If Elijah had a beer to drink while holed up in the cave, he would have reached for Samuel Smith Imperial Stout.

This stout is not quite as strong as your typical imperial but makes up for it in flavor and smoothness. It’s a warm blanket by the fire on a cold night. If you enjoy a good stout of any nature this is a must-have in the refrigerator.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Vanilla, coffee, cream, slight hops but ever so faint.

Taste: Vanilla cream and coffee with some slight chocolate and caramel. The end has a some coffee flavor but not butter coffee.

Texture: Thick and creamy. The head is 3 fingers tall and stays fairly carbonated a while after poured.

Finish: Faint caramel and coffee with notes of vanilla.

Comparisons: Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout with more cream and coffee. It’s very similar to a regular coffee cream stout or a milk stout except it’s slightly stronger.

Imperial Stout













  • Pint Sized bottle
  • Widely available


  • A bit weak for an imperial stout
  • Hard to find the 4-packs


George · December 15, 2017 at 5:41 pm

Solid beer Rev. Keep em coming.

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