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Lager Heads BBQ SmokehouseLagerheads is a superb steakhouse with it’s own brews. It’s located in Medina, Ohio and has some renown food to match the beers. I say this not just because Medina is just a skip away from me (Akron) but because the reviews on google speak for themselves. Ribs that fine should only be devoured by a beer specially designed for the smokehouse.

Enter Smokie Robbins Black Lager!


The restaurant opened in 2004 and the brewing company just a few short years later in 2010. If you are in the Akron/Medina area this is a must-stop eatery.

The brew is a black lager, also known by it’s German origin, Schwarzbiers. It gets it’s dark color from the wonderfully roasted dark malts and then gets (usually) a cold fermentation. The brewers description is as follows:

A smooth unfiltered smoked black lager with roasted smoke aromas. Coffee and dark choco-late flavors create this well balanced beer.

Best Served: Goblet, snifter, or any glass you can get if you’re at the smokehouse.
ABV: 5.5%

Beer Review

If hell fire and brimstone had a beer it would be Smokie Robbins Black Lager!

The first thing I noticed when opening was the scent of smoke and a rack of BBQ ribs, with some malts reminiscent of a stout. In fact, for a moment I could have been convinced that it was a stout. However, it’s not nearly as thick or fermented as a stout. I thought that the smoke scent would be too powerful but it’s not overpowering (for me). However, I love a good BBQ.

The beer was fine to sip on it’s own but after a few sips I knew that this beer needed paired. I grabbed some cheeses from the fridge and found a match made in heaven. If you can’t get this beer with some meats then grab a block of cheese and dig in. It’s literally inviting you to live the mythical life of a brewing, cheese culturing monk.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: BBQ meat, beef jerky, roasted malts.

Taste: The initial taste is super smokey but mostly due to the nose. After the nose adjusts a bit it tastes more like a coffee lager with some BBQ mixed in.

Texture: Has a smoothness and drinks like most black coffee lagers.

Finish: A bit of coffee and smoke with the BBQ smoke lingering a few moments after.

Comparisons: Rail Dog Smoked Black Lager by Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. (Another NEO Ohio favorite)



Smokie Robbins Black Lager













  • Goes with any BBQ dish
  • Unique flavor
  • Balanced


  • Too smokey (for some)
  • Really needs food pairing

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