Beer Description

The Nickel Brook Brewing Co. is a fine Ontario Brewery just south of Toronto. In the cold north a good imperial stout is needed to get through the winter. This stout is brewed with a unique combination of malts and flavors and it produced with high quality in small batches. It is unfiltered and includes ZERO preservatives or additives.

The beer is described by the brewer as follows:

This Russian Imperial Stout is made especially for those who aren’t afraid of big and bold flavours!

Brewed to warm you heart in the darkness of winter, we blend Roasted, Chocolate and Crystal malts to evoke rich flavours of cocoa, toffee and dark fruit.

This sweetness is then counterbalanced with aggressive hopping, giving rise to this remarkably smooth drinking Russian Imperial Stout.

U.S. Open Beer Championship – 2016 – Silver
U.S. Open Beer Championship – 2012 – Bronze
Ontario Brewing Awards – 2017 – Silver
Ontario Brewing Awards – 2012 – Silver

ABV: 9%
Best served: Snifter

Beer Review

Unfortunately the only clean glass I had for this pour was pilsner beer glass but it did not seem to be a setback. I was excited about trying a new imperial stout and even more excited that I could find this one in bottles. However, I did not notice that it was brewed with extra hops until I got them home. I was reluctant as I an not a fan of super bitter stouts but this turned out to be quite nice. The flavors sort of ebb and flow between malty, sweetness, hops, and even a slight coffee and chocolate hint.

It was hard to rate this beer since I had not had a beer quite like this one and I generally prefer less hops, but I actually really liked the balance in this beer. Bolshevik Bastard put me in the lion’s den like Daniel. I was doubtful when I plunged in but I came out having experienced a fierce but tamed lion and a renewed sense of joy. This is a unique imperial stout that I would recommend to anyone who likes an IPA or a stout.

Aroma & Tasting Notes

Aroma: The aroma is almost better than the taste. It’s super chocolate malty. It’s definitely a dark malt but does not smell burnt like a coffee stout can sometimes smell. However, it’s got a strong smell of hops that can almost surprise the nose.

Taste: The first taste it rich and reminiscent of a chocolate stout but it very quickly turns to a bitter happiness. However, that slowly fades into mild roasted malt flavor that provides a finish that makes you wanna take the next sip without waiting.

Texture: It’s very rich, but pretty standard for a stout. The head on this is normally about 2 fingers but I poured this beer a bit cold and very slow to avoid splashing.

Finish: The finish is wonderful. It’s malty and has a semi-sweet flavor. I expected the hoppiness to be the lingering flavor but it fades quick to a much sweeter and milder flavor.

Comparisons: Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, Hipster Brunch Stout.

Bolshevik Bastard Imperial Stout













  • 9% ABV
  • Balanced yet complex


  • Will be too hoppy for some
  • Short shelf-life

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