Beer Description

Avery Brewing Co has been bombarding the local grocery stores this fall and winter with some amazing looking beers. I am rather new to this brewing company but  they are no fledgling brewing operation. Avery has been around since the 90’s and are located in Boulder Colorado. The Avery team describe the Vanilla Bean Stout as follows:

A double dose of vanilla derived from both fresh Bourbon barrels and the trio of Tongan, Ugandan, and Mexican whole vanilla beans is complemented by essences of chocolate, caramel and molasses to round out this luxuriously silky stout.


  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Rich


  • Oats
  • Roasted Barley
  • Midnight Wheat
  • Black
  • 2-Row
  • C-120


  • London Ale

ABV: 10.8%
Best served: In a snifter or goblet, at about 50-55 F.

Beer Review

Like many great stouts with rich and complex flavors, the Vanilla Bean Stout by Avery Brewing should be poured and let set for just a bit to get the most flavor. I tested the beer right out of the refrigerator for reference points and the first sip was mostly coffee stout but finished with a rich and strong vanilla flavor. The beer at it’s proper room temp brings out the bourbon flavor and scent as well as a bit more vanilla.

This beer would rival Delilah in it’s ability to draw you in with it’s sweetness and warmth followed by it’s bite. With the bourbon and 10.8% ABV this beer can be both sweet and naughty.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: The first sniff produces a very warm vanilla scent with a malty (think oatmeal stout) hint. You can also smell the bourbon barrel.

Taste: The first sip is a mix of vanilla and oatmeal stout with some roasted oats. There is a bit of coffee flavor in the beer but not very strong and not very bitter. Somewhere in the middle of the sip there is some bourbon flavor.

Texture: Virtually no head on the pour but I tend not to “dump” the beer. The beer thickness is heavy and smooth.

Finish: The finish is vanilla and coffee. The balance of the two may vary per taster.

Comparisons: Founders KBS

Vanilla Bean Stout













  • Delivers on the vanilla promise
  • Bourbon not overpowered


  • A bit pricey @ $11.99

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