Beer Description

Choklat Stout is a top-notch chocolate stout that should be consumed as a dessert beer. Southern Tier is a renown craft brewing operation but surprisingly the brewery is not very old. The company first formed in 2002, in the back woods of New York. Those of us in the Northern stated who enjoy a good winter beer will recognize a number of Southern Tier’s custom brews.

Choklat is, without a doubt, a dessert beer. It encompasses the complexity of the darkest, bittersweet candy together with that of the original frothy beverage of the Mayans. We combine the finest ingredients to tempt your senses &pay homage to history in every glass.

ABV: 10-11%
Best Served: 48°F in snifter or goblet, however this beer can be consumed in any glass and still taste good.
Storage: This is a seasonal beer with a bunch of chocolate and should be consumed after purchasing, however, if you want to cellar the beer please do so below 45 degrees. 

Beer Review

I was never good at spelling but I learned in Jr. High School that the difference between dessert and desert is that dessert (the food) gets two S’s because you always want more. I can only assume that saying was invented when this dessert beer was first tested. After one drink you might decide it’s a double bottle evening.

The only appropriate response to this beer is from 2 Kings 2:9 when Elisha asks the Lord,

“Please, let a double portion be upon me.”

Tasting Notes

Aroma: The first sniff is heavy chocolate, roasted barley, and vanilla. There is not a very long aroma as it’s mostly chocolate

Taste: The first sip is for sure chocolate with roasted barley and even e bit of alcohol. The alcohol is expected since its 10% ABV. There is an ever so slightly hint of coffee which is normal for an imperial stout but it’s not heavy.

Texture: The pour produces little head with a dark malty color. The beer is rich and chocolaty as one would expect.

Finish: The finish is more malty than chocolaty but will remind you of a chocolate malt milkshake.

Comparisons: Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout.

Choklat Stout Label

Choklat Imperial Stout













  • Lives up to the chocolate dessert claim
  • Great price points in all sizes


  • They don't deliver this beer to my front door yet...

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