Whisky Description

Canada is no new-comer to the whisky game. However, Forty Creek is still a young company. Started in 1992, Forty Creek was birthed from the dream of a seasoned winemaker. The Copper Pot Whisky is aged in new and unused oak barrels as opposed to some of the other Forty Creek products. The whisky is derived from three main ingredient, Corn, barely, and rye.

It’s also won a number of Canadian whisky awards and a few international awards. The distiller’s description is as follows:

A bold whisky with intense spicy flavours resulting from higher degrees of aging in new oak. Truly meant for savouring, this unique, delectable blend is bottled at a higher proof to complement its deep flavours.

Appearance: Deep copper colour
Aromas: Bold aromas of toffee, nuts and spice
Flavor: Full bodied with notes of rich brown spice and dried stone fruit, and hints of marmalade
Finish: Finishes with a long, sensual fade
Proof: 43% ABV
Serve: Ideal neat or over ice

Whisky Review

I was personally made aware of the whisky in 2013 but did not buy a bottle for the home until recently. For the first test bottle I went with the standard product. On first appearance, it looks like a cheap whisky. I think I ended up paying about 27 dollars for a liter. The cap is a twist-off, which doesn’t really mean anything these days since technology has surpassed old school capping.corking solutions. However, it does give an over-all cheap appearance to the bottle. The rest of the bottle is quite nice.

Like many whiskies, this one tastes best with a single ice cube in it but I still take mine neat. It also tends to taste better after the bottle has been opened for a few weeks. The initial taste when I opened the bottle was a bit like rubbing alcohol with a hint is vanilla. The nose had some lite vanilla and oak. However, I waited about a month after opening to do this review to see what the 2nd and 3rd servings would be like and it’s absolutely delicious after a few weeks. The vanilla notes really start to hit heavily and the oak accent is still there also. There is also a mellow toffee flavor at the beginning of the sip. The aroma is must more full as well with a hint of spice and nut.

The finish is not exactly “sensual” as the distillery suggest. It is a pretty standard finish for a cheap whisky. However, the avid whisky drinker won’t care or notice. It’s not an unpleasant finish. Overall, I really enjoyed this whisky. For the price it is really hard to beat. It’s reminiscent of a honey or vanilla whisky but with much less of those additive items. A seasoned whisky drinker will pickup on the flavors for sure. New whisky drinker may not catch the nuance and subtlety of this whisky. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cost-affective whisky that provides some sweetness and complexity.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: A faint toffee and vanilla with a pinch of spice. But not a ton of spice like Maker’s Mark.

Taste: Toffee, vanilla, and marmalade, oh my! This is the star of the show.

Texture: The texture is rich and thick for a whisky that has not had things added to it.

Finish: The finish has a long bite but not overly aggressive.

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