Beer Description

Waffle Stout is made by a joint brewing effort between Hailstorm Brewing Co and Untitled Art. Both appear to be brewing companies but Untitled Art does not have a brewing facility. Rather, it’s a joint venture between two other brewers who wish to create beer masterpieces without being a full-fledged brewery.

ABV: 12%
Best served: In a snifter or goblet, at about 50-60 F.

Beer Review

Does it smell like waffles? YES!

Does it taste like waffles? YES!

Few food-flavored beers taste and smell like their food counterparts. They can be close, but not usually spot-on. However, this beer hit the nail on the head and did I mention that its 12% ABV?!?! Even fewer beers can be delicious, accurate, and high gravity.

The initial aroma is very syrup-like and very sweet. It’s got a maple syrup quality to it as well as the waffle. I can only assume they pureed some waffles and syrup into the boil. The nose can also sense a malty aroma but it’s faint.

The taste is maple syrup waffle in a glass. First it’s the syrup and then it’s the waffle. The tongue can taste the malts much better than the nose can catch them. It’s got a very rich malty flavor and drinks about like a syrup as well. The hops are hard to detect but there is definitely some in there. But it’s not a bitter beer at all.

This is one of the sickest beers I’ve ever drank but it’s very good. I would imagine that this can work as a meal replacement. Here is the only problem with the beer. It’s too large. This beer is almost TOO rich to drink a full 12oz. It’s like when you overeat on dessert. Eventually you just need a break.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Maple syrup and Waffles with slight malty smells.

Taste: Waffles in a bottle. Imagine IHOP in a beer.

Texture: A very thick and dessert-like experience. Might be too thick for some.

Finish: The finish it malty with a lingering waffle flavor.

Comparisons: Hard to imagine another beer like this.

Waffle Stout













  • 12% ABV
  • Breakfast waffles in a bottle


  • They don't serve breakfast in hell

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