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Jackie O’s is no stranger to dark and complex beers. In a previous review I tested the Dark Apparition which was an outstanding Imperial Stout. This beer is branded as a “Stout Beverage Brewed With Walnuts”. I can only assume they brewed up some walnuts in the wort and turned it into a stout.

Oil of Aphrodite is an American double stout brewed with Integration Acres black walnuts  and Belgian candied syrup. English, German, American, and Belgian malts are accompanied by Pacific Northwest hop to create a sweet and rich spring board for deep nuttiness. Lay this beer down for a while and share with friends and loved ones.

ABV: 10%
Best Served: 50 degrees, in a goblet or snifter.

Beer Review

Some breweries make beer that is unique but only moderately good tasting. Some make incredible unique brews that are delicious and awe inspiring. Jackie O’s is the later of those two. The Oil Of Aphrodite is a beautiful crafted stout that is made using locally sourced black walnuts. When I open I bottle I usually do not read the description until I taste the beer and take notes. my first thought with this beer was that it was nutty yet sweet with dark fruit like dates. It would remind you of a stout brewed in ancient Greece…. if they could make stouts. Perhaps that is behind the name Oil Of Aphrodite.

However, my mind was transported to the woman with the alabaster jar. This beer is pleasing to the nose and very earthy. It’s smooth and rich but not overpowering. If some lady was going to anoint me for burial…..I’d wan’t it to be with Oil Of Aphrodite. However, I would rather drink it than wear it.

Now, about the walnuts. I am an Ohio native. I grew up with many of the northern hard wood trees around. Walnuts could be found in pies, fritters, and other tasty treats. However, never have I witnessed a walnut beer. This was a great addition to the walnut recipe book. While the taste is much more malty than nutty, the walnut still comes through nicely. If you like a good stout and dark malt beers, you will love this one.

Aroma: Almost raisin-like hints with stout malts. very soft scent.

Taste: The first taste is nutty and date-like. That fades to a sweet yet slightly hopped taste that lingers on the tongue. However, the hops are light and floral, not bitter and harsh.

Texture: The texture is thick like an oil. It’s got very little foam when poured but still has decent carbonation. It’s very rich to drink.

Finish: The finish is sweet and hoppy with the hops lingering the longest.

Comparisons: Nothing exactly like this. However, stouts with Belgian twists can come close.

Oil of Aphrodite













  • 10% ABV
  • Unique flavor that's actually good


  • Very weak aroma
  • Does not come in alabaster containers
  • Won't improve fertility

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