Beer Description

Having only a few meads in my history, I was happy to find one in the store. This particular mead appeared to be a dessert variety, having a been paired with Banana. The ingredient list seemed to backup that notion.

Ingredients: Honey, Water, Banana Juice from Concentrate, Dark Brown Sugar, Coffee Beans, Vanilla Beans, and a variety of preservatives.

Bananas Foster Forever is one of our flagship session meads that is inspired by it’s namesake. Honey and banana give way to notes of rum flavored coffee bean, vanilla and caramelized sugar. Perfect for dessert or anytime Bananas Foster Forever is sure to be your next BFF. (Brewery Description)

ABV: 6.1
Best Served: Any glass, chilled to whatever your personal preference is.

Beer Review

I was actually surprised by the idea that this mead was designed around an ice cream. The vanilla beans listed on the ingredients seemed too irresistible to not try. I am a huge fan of vanilla and this was actual vanilla bean, not beaver anal gland extract.

The first sip was full of honey flavor. It tasted exactly how I expected for a good summer time mead. However, the second sip brought some more nuance. In the second sip there was clearly a strong banana flavor and some vanilla. I did not taste any of the coffee beans which was disappointing because this mead is so sweet that it needs a bitter balance. Their is also a hard apple cider taste that stays on the tongue after the drink is passed, but I am not sure how since no apple is present in the recipe. Either way, it’s quite refreshing in the hot summer sun.

The aroma initially is confusing. It is hard to tell if it smells like honey or bananas, or something else. While the vanilla bean is present in the taste, it is not present to the nose. In fact, the smell is just confusing. It’s not exactly bad, but it’s not good either. It’s not the type that makes you wanna take a big whiff while drinking.

I think that this particular drink is good, but it’s so sweet that it’s hard to drink a full glass. One might consider a small tumbler as a dessert.

Aroma: The aroma is a confusing smell reminiscent of banana and honey. But it’s not great and it’s hard to discern what’s in it.

Taste: The flavor is full of honey, banana, and some vanilla.

Texture: The texture is crisp but still a bit thick. There is no foam and no head on the pour because it’s not really a true beer.

Finish: The finish is actually better than the initial flavor, as it’s a but less sweet and tastes like a mix of mead and apple cider.

Comparisons: This would be similar to most meads but definitely more of a dessert style.

Bananas Fosters Forever













  • Unique
  • Tastes like a mead should plus some extra


  • Too much sweetness
  • Aroma is confusing

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