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Jackie O’s is a top-notch brewery from Southern Ohio. When I saw that Jackie O’s had a bourbon barrel aged beer I got excited.

Starting in the 1800’s, the brick industry was a large part of the economic development of Southeastern Ohio for nearly 100 years. The brick kilns of Athens Brick Company, whose bricks can still see lining sidewalks in Athens, once stood just down the street from our production facility.

Brick Kiln Barleywine-style ale is brewed in the English tradition. A deep mahogany hue is accompanied by rich caramel and raisin notes. Light herbal jabs from European noble hops round out this warming brew.

ABV: 11.8%
Best Served: 40-50 degrees, in a goblet or snifter. However, pilsner glass will do fine for this particular beer.

Beer Review

Previously I wrote about Jackie O’s amazing brew Oil of Aphrodite, which was a very highly rated beer. I am sad to announce that Brick Kiln is not quite in the same league. It’s a bourbon barrel barely wine, which is right in line with the current bourbon barrel craze, but it seems poorly executed. It tastes like a bourbon barrel barley wine that was only shortly aged and did not carbonate well.

The beer poured with a thick dark head, about two fingers tall. But it disappeared almost as fast as it appeared. The beer was mostly flat tasting after that. The flavor itself was not bad. The scent was a strong malt forward smell with slight bourbon hints. There is some slight dark fruit smell and it appears on the tongue as well.

The taste is typical of a thick barley wine but with an apparent bourbon barrel flavor. It was strong enough to say hello but nothing like the various bourbon barrel beers by Founders Brewery.

This beer is the King Saul of beers. It appeared like a great idea until it happened. A disappointment in the end.

Aroma: Almost has a malty scent with some bourbon.

Taste: The first taste is malt-forward with some bourbon and dark fruit.

Texture: The texture is thick like an oil but not a lot of carbonation.

Finish: The finish is sweet and hoppy with a hint of bourbon.

Comparisons: This actually reminds me of Dark Apparition, by Jackie O’s. It tastes like Dark Apparition was the starting point for this beer.

Brick Kiln













  • 11+ ABV
  • Bourbon flavor comes through


  • Flat
  • Expensive
  • Promised complexity, delivered simplicity

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