Beer Description

If you want a simple beer to drink that has a simple flavor premise and tastes the way the label would lead you to believe…. this is a beer for you. What does Masthead have to say about this great tasting beer? Not a ton. It basically speaks for itself.

Our stout with a healthy dose of Six Shooter Coffee!  (Masthead brewing)

ABV: 6.9%
IBU: 30
Best Served: 40-50 degrees, in snifter or tulip glass.

Beer Review

A lot of brewers make a coffee stout. However, this Cleveland brewery makes a coffee stout with some quality coffee beans. This coffee from Six Shooter Coffee is an espresso bean (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) which is known for being a lighter and sweeter flavor than what we have grown accustomed to here in the USA.

As a result of using quality coffee beans, the coffee stout tastes like coffee and stout…. not like a burnt coffee bean. It’s also not overly bitter like some coffee stouts. This coffee stout is like the Pope Francis of stouts. High quality and authentic.

The only coffee stout that I’ve ever had that actually smelled like coffee and tasted like GOOD coffee beans; not burnt Starbucks style beans. The beer also has a sweet, caramel-like ending on the lips.

Aroma: Roasted barely, medium roasted coffee, slight caramel.

Taste: The taste is traditional imperial stout with hints of coffee and an unidentifiable faint sweetness.

Texture: The texture is rich, with a thick head (3 fingers). Not chewy but has some thickness.

Finish: The finish is very clean with just roasted coffee bean left on the tongue.

Comparisons: This is similar to other coffee stouts except it does not taste unreasonably bitter or like bad coffee. I do not yet have a comparison of another coffee stout that is actually this level of quality.

Single Origin Coffee Stout













  • High quality ingredients
  • Meets expectations
  • Tall-boy cans


  • Only available in cans (as far as I know)

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