Whisky Description

There are some strange details that often separate a Bourbon from a Scotch, or even between Bourbon and Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The Bourbon Cask Reserve by Glenrothes is single malt (barley) bourbon that is made in Scotland (Speyside). Scotch must also be aged in a barrel at least 3 years. The traditional age for a regular mid-level Scotch is between 12 and 18 years. This Scotch has an age described as NAS, which means that there is not an exact age on the whisky but it spent at least 3 years in a barrel. 

This Scotch is unique because it’s only aged in American White Oak, which is why it’s labeled as a bourbon and not a Scotch. Given this fact, the drink might have slight crossover with a few bourbons. This Scotch is also certified Kosher, so if you are in the company a Kosher drinker then they won’t be deprived.

Proof: 43% ABV
Serve: Ideal neat or with a single ice cube. Never mixed. If you mix this you’re an animal.

Whisky Review

I have attempted to find some affordable Scotch Whiskies recently and I am happy to admit that more than a few exist and are drinkable. This particular bottle was just a hair over 30 dollars and the bottle is fairly cool (not a real reason to buy it but it’s still cool). The reason why you should buy this Scotch is because it’s delicious drink and because it’s a rock bottom price. For 30-ish dollars it will be hard to beat.

This Scotch is basically the Timothy is Scotches. It’s not very well aged, has a slightly ambiguous ethnicity, but is obtained cheaply and delivers above expectations.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: A strong vanilla and faint toffee aroma. Characteristic of white oak. The scent also presents some slight corn alcohol but that will mellow after the bottle is opened or decanted.

Taste: Taste is very soft on the flavors but not “boring”. The sip tastes vanilla on the lips (strange I know) and series toffee on the center of the tongue. The new bottle has some slight rubbing alcohol but that will fade after a week or two of decanting. The alcohol is just at the end of the sip. The rest is delicious toffee with some slight astringent from the white oak.

Texture: The texture seems “thick” for a bourbon/scotch but the smoothness is pleasant. Would recommend by a fireside on a cold winter night.

Appearance: The appearance is light amber. It’s a bit light colored for a Scotch but not terribly. I tend to prefer the traditional Scotch color because the lighter the appearance we American tend to view the drink as weak, but this tastes like a normal Scotch. It is not weak or thin.

The Glenrothes Bourbon Cask Reserve













  • Priced well
  • Pleasant flavor
  • Awesome bottle


  • Not a super traditional Scotch

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