Whisky Description

The Larceny Bourbon is distilled by the Heaven Hill Distillery, which is run by the Shapira family. They produce other bourbons/whiskies that should be familiar in the American market; Evan Williams & Elijah Craig. Larceny is a newer product named after John E. Fitzgerald who used to (according to legend) sneak into the whisky storehouse which he had keys to and would take (steal) the best barrels of whisky for himself, hence the name Larceny. This character was made famous by the family biography of the renown Pappy Van Winkle.

Proof: 46% ABV
Serve: Ideal neat or with a single ice cube. Never mixed. If you mix this you’re an animal.

Whisky Review

Larceny is aged for 6 years and is made by a reputable distillery. Needless to say, it should be a decent mid-range whisky. The standout feature that I noticed once I arrived home with it and saw it in the lighting was the color. It was a deep copper color that just looked like it was full-flavored.

The initial tasting (right after opening) was not terribly strong like some freshly opened bottles can be. It was smooth and pleasant. I first noted some vanilla and some spice. The flavor is sweet up front and lingers almost the entire sip. It may remind one of molasses with its sweetness.

The aroma is hard to find. It’s hard to find the scent without the alcohol on this one. Not much for the nose to enjoy. However, there is some oakiness present as well as a hint of vanilla.

This is a good safe whisky. It’s not going to blow you away but I would be surprised if someone did not like it (assuming they already like whisky). It’s basically the Timothy of whiskies. It’s good and faithful. You can trust it. But it’s legacy will overshadowed by better products.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Corn alcohol with some traditional white oak whisky scent.

Taste: Taste is the star of the show and is heavy vanilla and molasses. It’s “sweet” but not like the new fangled flavored whiskies.

Appearance: This whisky is copper colored with a hint of brown. It looks great in the bottle as well as the glass.

Larceny Bourbon













  • Taste is very pleasant
  • Color is spot on


  • not much fun for the nose
  • Similar products can be had cheaper
  • Slightly more expensive products will overshadow this whisky

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