Beer Description

Genesis is a Kosher beer that claims to be God’s chosen beer. While I cannot speak for the Lord, I can say that Shmaltz Brewing have a bunch of fun a delicious beers. This particular beer (as far as I can tell) was their first beer, which got the company off the ground in the late 90’s. It’s a session IPA ale, which means it’s not as alcoholic as others (below 5% ish) and it’s designed to be a clean and drinkable beer.

Session beers were invented specifically to drink on a work break.

ABV: 5.5%
Best Served: Serve in whatever you got in the cupboard.

Beer Review

I am not usually a fan of session beers or IPAs, so this was combination would not be my first choice. However, the beer is dry hopped which usually transfers the hops flavor without as much bittering to the beer. It’s quickly becoming the preferred way to IPA among those who like a summer beer but not as bitter.

The first think I noticed about this beer was the festive and creative marketing. These guys clearly have a sense of humor. The next thing that stood out was the pour. This beer is very very carbonated. It has so much that most bottles created a mess when opening. It has a satisfying foam that stay on top of the beer for the whole drinking session. The color is a dark copper color that may remind one of a red Irish ale.

The aroma only slightly malty and a bit hoppy. There is also some aroma of dark fruit like apricot or dates. There is not a standout scent as they are fairly balanced.

The flavor is very similar to the aroma except backwards. You taste apricot first, then malt, and last some hops. There is a slight lingering honey flavor on the lips but is hard to detect unless you take your time.

The finish is clean and refreshing. Perfect for a summer time or break time beer. However, it should be noted that while pouring (or drinking from the bottle) that these bottles are similar to a home brew, in that they have a small yeast cake in the bottle of the bottle which is probably why they have such a high carbonation level. Bottle conditioning with extra yeast will produce a strong carbonation.

Is this God’s chosen beer? I would be surprised. It’s definitely a tasty beer, but it’s nowhere close to the top of the heap. It’s a good beer but could use some refining. It’s not sacred, or holy, or miraculous. But it will quench your thirst.

Aroma: Hoppy, malty, fruity.

Taste: Fruity, malty, hoppy.

Texture: Clean, crisp, and refreshing.

Finish: Clean and slightly hoppy.

Comparisons: I would compare this to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

He'Brew Genesis Ale













  • Refreshing
  • Kosher
  • Well-carbonated


  • A bit cloudy and yeasty

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