Beer Description

According to legend, as told by Beedle the Bard, he who unites the Deathly Mallows is invincible. We thought that was a nice goal to have, so we stared fumbling with ingredients and cans up with this magical elixir. A Milk Stout that starts with a whif of smoky roast and culminates in a delicious toasted marshmallow sweetness that is enough to remind you of younger days around the campfire but not so much to make you forget you’re drinking beer. (Royal Docks)

ABV: 7.3%
OG: 17.9°P
FG: 5.0°P
IBU: 17
Best Served: In snifter or goblet, 45-55 degrees.

Beer Review

This beer was an impulse buy while going to the store to get whiskey, in hopes that maybe I can kill any Covid-19 that might find it’s way into my throat. I was tantalized by the Harry Potter play on words and the idea of a marshmallow stout. I love the Neopolitan stout and various other ice cream stouts. I’ve even tried a s’mores stout. I assumed this would be in the same family of stout.

However, I was slightly disappointed but some of that was just my own preferences. To be sure, the beer is VERY well crafted. It is just slightly more hoppy and less sweet than I expected for a marshmallow milk stout. There is a nice malty aroma that comes through some in the flavor as well. But the most dominant flavor is the hops. At least the hops are not all bittering hops. The hop flavor is not cheap IPA hoppy. It’s more like a dry hop where you can taste the hops rather than just a mountain of bitterness.

The marshmallow flavor comes through only very slightly at the beginning of the sip. This beer is less of a dessert stout and more of a unique all season stout.

Aroma: Malty and faintly yeasty with a hint of lactose.

Taste: A mix of malt, marshmallow and hops.

Texture: Smooth like a Guinness but slightly thicker.

Finish: Clean and slightly hoppy.

Comparisons: This is fairly unique.

Deathly Mallows













  • 7.3 ABV
  • Unique flavor
  • Awesome can design (plus cans fit in the fridge better)


  • A pinch bitter for a dessert style stout

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